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  Methyl propyl carbonate  

Chinses name: Methyl propyl carbonate
CAS RN: 56525-42-9
Molecular formula: C5H10O3
Molecular weight: 118.13
Structural formual: 
Boiling point: 131.0°C
Relative density: 0.98
Flash piont: 21.0°C
Appearance:colorless transparent liquid
1.this product is wide used as electrolyte solvent for lithium ion battery
2.this product can be used as special flavor and intermediate solvents
Quality index:

Grade index Battery grade(E) High purity grade(H) Industrial grade(I)
Purity(gas chromatography) ≥99.95% ≥99.90% ≥99.50%
Carbonic ester content(gas chromatography) ≥99.99% ≥99.97% ≥99.95%
Methyl alcohol content(gas chromatography) ≤20ppm ≤100ppm ≤200ppm
Moisture ≤20ppm ≤100ppm ≤200ppm
Chroma ≤5    
Metal impurity content note:according to demands from customers

Packing:galvanization drum. Net weight:200±0.5KG
Transportation condition:this product is store in cool, lightproof and dry storeroom.
Note:this product completely accords to ROHS standard, and has passed SGS heavy metal content testing.

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