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          1. LiaoYang Best Chemical Industry Co.,LTd
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            > Dibasic ester DBE
            > Adipic acid
            > Dimethyl adipate (DMA)
            > cyclopentanone
            > Niacin
            > Methyl ethyl carbonate(EMC)
            > Dimethyl Carbonate
            > Diethyl carbonate(DEC)
            > Ethylene carbonate(EC)
            LiaoYang Best Chemical Industry Co.,LTd
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            About Us
                Liaoyang Best Group was founded in 2009, and its subsidiaries including: Liaoyang Best Chemical Co., Ltd., Best Chemical Hangzhou Co., Ltd., Liaoyang Best Communication Engineering Co., Ltd., Liaoyang Advertising Media Co., Ltd., Liaoyang Hongyan Supermarket and other five wholly-owned companies or joint venture subsidiaries. For nearly 20 years?effort, the group has become a large-scale private enterprise group in Liaoyang. Until 2013, the total assets have reached 141 million Yuan RMB, and the sales volume of main business has reached 210 million Yuan RMB.

            Geographic location
                The head office is situated in the scenic and time-honored ancient city Liaoyang. Close to High-speed Train, 1 hour distance to Taoxian Airport, the company enjoys superior geographic location and convenient transportation.
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